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Learn how to make fresh homemade pasta from scratch, with a twist. BYOB Cooking Class. 

The Experience... 

At Danjoy's Homemade Pasta Cooking Class you'll learn how to make fresh homemade pasta from scratch, with a twist!  You are not only learning a life-long skill,  you are experiencing true hands-on instructions in an inviting, intimate setting where you are treated like family. All of our classes are BYOB - Bring Your Own Beverage. 


One of our many priorities is to use nothing but the best ingredients,  we use a high quality chef-grade flour from 100% Made in Italy. You'll have the opportunity to learn the importance of quality and ingredients and why it is so important when making fresh pasta. 

Our classes are 100% customizable. We can create any experience to fit your needs, such as birthdays, team building, date night, girl's night, kid's parties and so much more. The PASTAbilities are truly endless. 

We are open 7 days a week. If you'd like to schedule a class and don't see the date on the calendar please contact us to make it happen!


(832) 919-5345 or sales@danjoyshomemadepasta.com 

COOKING Classes 

Pasta 101 and Sauces:

$150 per person:

This includes your own workstation, the pasta you make you get to take home and a fresh pasta meal is included. You will get the opportunity to learn how to make both sauces- our fresh tomato sauce (The Red Sauce!) and our homemade creamy alfredo sauce. 

For couples it’s $200 per couple, you will SHARE the workstation, the pasta you make you will (share) take home and a pasta meal is included - learning how to make our two most popular sauces included.



Pasta 202 and shapes and the White Sauce:


$150 per person

You will have the opportunity to learn how to make handmade raviolis using a ravioli mold and hand stamp- we offer different shapes and sizes for ravioli stamps, and of course, we encourage creativity.  You will also learn how to make tortellini, garganelli and other shapes as well. 


Each station will have their own ingredients to make their own filling - we encourage you to taste the filling as you mix the base - ricotta cheese, spinach, seasonasing and other seasonal ingredients.  As always, everything is always customizable, so if there is a special request please don't hesitate to message us directly. (832) 919-5345. 

The shapes you make you will take home so please don't forget to bring a baking sheet to transport them all. We will be serving fresh homemade pasta - spaghetti and fettuccine with both our homemade tomato sauce and creamy alfredo sauce. 

For couples it’s $200 per couple, you will SHARE the workstation, the pasta you make you will (share) take home and a pasta meal is included.

Pasta 302 and The Green Sauce:

$150 per person 

Colored Pasta. In this unique setting we will learn how to infuse the pasta dough with rich vibrant colors in a natural way. We will show you two methods on how to infuse pasta. You will have the opportunity to pick what infusions you want: spinach, beets, carrots, cuttlefish ink, and other seasonal items. The pasta you make you will take home. The pasta we make you will enjoy after class a fresh pasta meal. 

This is the class we will be showing how to make our specialty green sauce - think of it as a pesto but instead of an olive oil base it's much more creamier. 

We offer this class as a shared experience. For the shared experience it's $ 200/couple/spouse/date. 


Group Pricing:



Team Building: 

$60 per person


For larger groups we offer the team building/group options. Depending on size, you will get in groups of 4-5 people. Together you will communicate and practice the steps of making fresh pasta. The pasta the team makes, you will split and take home. A fresh pasta dish is included, as always.



Pasta Parties

Come Celebrate with us!

You bring the party, we'll bring the pasta! We can customize your event/day with many options. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your event a one-of-a-kind experience! 

(832) 919-5345


Date Nights

Looking for a unique and intimate night out?  

Our pasta classes can include a romantic setting for two, with music, candlelight and a personalized set-up for pasta making. We can customize per request.  With our classes you'll have the opportunity to experience hands-on, one-on-one instructions to aid you in becoming your very own pasta ninja! Not only are you learning how to make fresh pasta, but at the end of class you get to enjoy a pasta dish made by me. 

All of our classes are BYOB - bring your own beverage (cheers!)

Team Building


Team building

Let us host your next Team Building event. This could be an extraordinary experience to get the team together to learn a new life-long skill!

This is an opportunity to practice communication, patience, leadership and teamwork. Depending on the size of the group, you'll get in teams and each team will have their own workstation. The teams will go through each of the steps in making fresh pasta. The pasta the team makes, they will take home, an the pasta we use to demonstrate with the group will enjoy at the end of class. 

Team work make the dream work. 

Please contact us directly to customize your unique pasta experience!

Lobster Ravioli Dining Experience 

Join us for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. In our Lobster Night class you will get your own freshly steamed wild-caught LOBSTER to make Lobster Ravioli from scratch! This is a very hands-on dining experience. You will receive your lobster on a silver tray and crack your own lobster getting out all the meat. You will make your own ravioli filling using the fresh lobster meat, seasoning it to taste. You will make your own sauce using the lobster shells for added flavor.  We have all the tools to get CRACKING! The lobster raviolis that you  make you get to enjoy at the end of class, any leftover raviolis and sauce you'll get to take home. 

We can have Lobster Nights any day of the week, any time of the day. Contact us directly to schedule. 

(832) 919-5345


Lobster Date Night Katy Tx

Patricia R

 4 reviews

Took this cooking class today and it was absolutely wonderful!! The food was delicious and you get to take home the fresh pasta you made so you can share with your family!! The chef makes a batch and serves you with a delicious sauce that he makes from scratch. They also have flatbread appetizers that are so yummy! Great date night class, team building, etc! I will be taking another class for sure!

 4 reviews

My son and I were fortunate enough to get in the first class offered and it was an awesome experience! Not only did we get to learn how to make pasta with hands on experience, we made great friends. Chef Giancarlo and his wife provided us a very comfortable and warm environment to learn and have fun! We have successfully made pasta with our family a handful of times and it’s a blast and tasty each time! Definitely recommend taking this class!

James P

1 Review

My wife and I attended a Sunday afternoon cooking class in katy as we both like to cook. My wife has made her own pasta for years but we wanted to learn how to infuse other flavors into our pasta. And if a person is willing to approach anything they do with an open mind; to pick up some new techniques and tricks.
We used the opportunity to get out as a couple and enjoy an afternoon doing what we both like to do.

Giancarlo, is a great teacher and truly has the experience, knowledge and passion in what he is doing. We had some great food during the class and took home some awesome pasta to share with our daughter and house guest. We will attend more of his classes that is for sure

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