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All classes are private unless otherwise stated. You can bring and decorate anyway you want. BYOB, you can bring your preferred beverage of choice. We have wine glasses and wine fridge. Aprons and all ingredients are provided. Please wear comfortable shoes and hair tie for long hair. Classes last about an hour to hour and a half and then it's the eating time and there is no limit there depending on class. The food you make you get to eat. Everything is customizable and we work around your schedule. Price ranges from $35 to $150/person Kids and Adult Classes Available 

TEXT US OR CALL NOW ! 832-919-5345 for more information and to customize your experience!

Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch


Pasta 101

The foundation to any of our classes.  You will learn the precise measurements and steps to make fresh pasta.  This will include your own workstation - the space and tools needed to measure the ingredients, make the dough and the pasta attachments to roll and stretch the dough, and finally cut the pasta into either fettuccine or spaghetti.

Each station makes enough to feed 4 to 6 people. Priced per station and per person. Max 4 per station

Savory Ravioli

You will have the opportunity to learn how to make handmade raviolis using different techniques including molds, stamps and more. In addition. you will learn how to make different shapes including garganelli. 


Sweet Ravioli

Chocolate Ravioli! Learning how to make dessert pasta using pasta dough that has been infused with dark coco powder and creating a sweet filing of mascarpone cheese, sugar, chocolate morsels, marshmallows and all the sweet stuff. 

Tortelini & Torteloni

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Colored Pasta 

Taking your pasta skills to the next level. Learning how to infuse the pasta dough with color using all natural ingredients like spinach for green pasta, carrots for orange pasta, beets for purple pasta and more - the pastabilities are truly endless. 


Gnocchi 101
Ricotta & Flour 

A classic Italian dish mostly made up of ricotta, flour, cheese, and egg.

All parties >

Cavatelli Pasta

What is Cavatelli Pasta? In Italian, cavatelli means “little hollows.” This type of pasta somewhat resembles miniature hot dog buns and is relatively easy to make from scratch. 


More Coming Soon

Reach out to customize your experience. 

5 stars google review

Giancarlo was a fantastic teacher! Very professional and experienced, everything was ready for us when we got there and the food turned out great! He walked us through each part of the process and explained why each step was important. I would absolutely recommend the Pasta 101 class!

5 stars google review

This was our second time attending a class, first time at the new place, and we had an amazing time. Chef Giancarlo and his wife have thoughtfully designed this space.

We had a group of three couples in total and somehow feel that we had chefs individual attention. How does he do it? What a great night out, learning a new skill, interaction with friends, and then you cook and eat your creation.

Chef thank you for your time and efforts. We can't wait for the next class.

5 stars google review

What an amazing experience! I have come by Danjoy's a couple of times for special events, bought some pasta to go, but this was my first time getting the whole gambit and I loved it. Giancarlo walked us through step by step how pasta is made, helped guide us through specifically how fettuccine is made, helped us make our alfredo sauce from scratch and cooked us some chicken breast to top off our delicious pasta. I was not entirely sure what to expect but this experience blew me away. I highly recommend checking our Danjoy's whether its for a date night, a family outing, a team building exercises or just a hands on dinner out. You will not be disappointed. I will be back!

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