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Danjoys Homemade Pasta | Cooking Classes | Katy, Houston | Fun pasta making class

Pasta 101

Pasta Making Class

Hands on and BYOB 

Learning the fundamentals of making fresh pasta dough:

The Staples:

Every batch of fresh homemade pasta starts with key ingredients which you’ll learn about in class.

The Mixing:

What a party we had yesterday!! #KatyFoo

Cue in the real MVP (the KitchenAid)

The Rolling:

Learn to stretch the dough with the KitchenAid, get comfortable with handling the dough while changing the settings and becoming "one with the dough."

The Cut:

Choose between spaghetti cut pasta or fettuccine 

The Eating:

Enjoy some fresh homemade pasta made by me.

Each student will get to take home their own pasta.


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What can be any better than making your own pasta? Giancarlo and Reyna are so warm and welcoming. They immediately make you feel like family. I would take the class again (and probably will). You won't be disappointed

5 star review for Danjoys Homemade Pasta

Jennifer J

13 Reviews

Ravioli & More

Ravioli and More

Hands on and BYOB 

*preferably pasta 101 as a prerequisite

Experience the techniques and skills needed to make fresh raviolis from Homemade Pasta dough

The Filling:

Ingredients vary depending on season and availability. Our focus is to support local, meaning Katy and the greater Houston area. 

The Stuffing:

Lets set up a ravioli bar with fillings to stuff the ravioli molds provided. (contact us for details)

Fresh pasta dough will be stretched and cut during class and given to you in sheets

The Cut:

Learn various ways to cut your fresh homemade ravioli - the mold, the stamp, by hand. 

The Eating:

Enjoy a fresh homemade dish prepared by me. 

#pastapasta #fettuccine #linguine #spagh

You'll have the pleasure of taking home over 30+ homemade raviolis, and more... 

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I have taken two of the Danjoy's classes, Pasta 101 and Flatbreads.
Both were very professional, informative and FUN! I have been able to use the techniques and recipes I learned to continue to cook fresh, homemade pastas for my own family. I look forward to taking more classes and highly recommend them.

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Kathleen M

2 Reviews

Flatbread 101

Flatbread Pizza

Our Fresh Homemade Flatbread Cooking Class is hands-on and BYOB 

Learn how to make fresh homemade flatbread/pizza dough from scratch using the KitchenAid.

The Mix:

You’ll learn the ingredients needed to make your own homemade flatbread dough while using the KitchenAid to mix.

The Resting:

While the dough “rests” enjoy already made flatbread choosing from a selection of fresh toppings (toppings will vary depending on what’s in season, and local in the Katy and Houston surrounding areas ) savor the flavors with some good wine (BYOB)

The Kneading:

Each person will have a sample dough to experience this essential step firsthand so you know what to do when your own dough is ready.

The Par-baking:

Polish sausage-prosciutto-ham.jpg

Learn the next steps needed to cook and store your flatbread. 

You get to take your fresh homemade dough home to make and enjoy!

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“I have taken every class he has offered because his classes are just that good! Great instruction that includes a demonstration followed by hands on learning! I love the hospitality that Giancarlo and Reyna share with all of us in their home! We have had freshly juiced drinks and a sampling of food at each class! I always leave full and wanting to take the next class! I’ve been able to make a few batches of pasta and flatbread at home since taking the classes! The classes have been so much fun! I’m looking forward to more!.”

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Lisa R

3 Reviews

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