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Beet Juice


The holidays are officially upon us and we’re in the full swing of holiday cheer, fluffy sweaters, and endless consumption of oh-so-bad calories.

I’m guilty of it too. Just look at what I’m doing right now at 10.00 pm...

(Picture of shame)

It is difficult to keep up with any sort of diet, exercise, or healthy habit for that matter, especially around this time of year. When it gets to the point of stuff crust pizza and wine at 10 at night it's just sad! I know it’s time for my potent beet juice. Cue in the juicer.

Unlike my green juice, I do not drink this daily, or make a big batch of this, or drink the entire 16 oz bottle in one sitting. When I make this vibrant beauty, I make one batch and pour a small amount in a cup to drink. Little by little. And a little goes a long way, my friends.

Just with anything else, there are many variations out there, but I have found the recipe I use below to work for me and my taste.


One batch makes about 1 liter

Organic beets with the root (comes in a batch of about 3 bulbs)

5-6 organic carrots

2-3 Granny Smith apples

1 “ ginger root

2 lemons

*if I have oranges on hand, I’ll add one

-This juice is very strong, so if you’re going to try it and it’s your first time, I would recommend 1 beet (one bulb) to test it out

-The color of the juice is so rich so be aware of staining

-Again, the color and juice is potent, what (color) goes in, may come out that way... I’m going to let that one sink in...

Moving on.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor so please ask your physician first if taking any medications as it could have an impact on some

There you have it! My go-to detox. I try to have a beet juice once a week. It provides many benefits from lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, and much more! After having a batch of this bad boy I always feel like I'm starting fresh.

Bottoms up!


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