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Let's Pasta!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018


Not sure if you knew this, but my husband teaches Pasta classes! (insert jokingly laugh here)

Today we hosted a Pasta 101 class for seven. It was a great group of people with fun energy; lots of laughs to go around, even had my husband cracking a joke here and there- and that is rare! My favorite part about doing these classes is meeting the individuals and learning a little more about them. But the real fun starts when everyone interacts/networks and connect among themselves. The wine is flowing and the laughs are growing. Seeing this always puts a smile on my face.

We start off by filling the bellies with fresh homemade flatbread. We offer bottle water and fresh green juice. Our classes are BYOB (bring your own beverage). Our goal is to offer an inviting and relaxing environment where you’ll have a true hands-on experience making your own fresh homemade pasta. My husband and I personally love to have wine while cooking so for those that do too, we encourage it. Wine not!

After the magic happens, I mean, the Pasta making, we have a sit down meal. Currently, we are serving individualized portions of fresh homemade lasagna. Today we were honored to celebrate a birthday which always add a special touch to our day!

We say our good-byes and then the cleaning starts in preparation for our next class - our very first Ravioli 101 this Tuesday, yay!

Time to unWINE!

Click here to join the fun!


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