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My 750th ride!


Tonight I celebrated my 750th ride on the Peloton bike! I’ve had the bike since last April and have been riding consistently ever since. I have a group of friends, including my sister, whom all set goals on when to reach these milestones - it makes them that much more special and fun when doing it together. This month in November we were all crazy enough to hit two major milestones, mine were 700 and 750 rides! I’m not sure what possess me to do this to myself other than the fact that I love a challenge and will have major FOMO (fear of missing out) if I’m not apart of their celebrations.

I ride the majority of my milestone with Jennifer Jacobs, she’s an amazing coach, and I cannot wait to meet her in person, hopefully soon! Part of the excitement of riding live during the milestones is so you can ride with others at the same time. The coaches can see your milestones and many times can give you a shoutout on achieving it LIVE! Peloton now has a feature of “high-fives” so you can receive one from friends and others, which is so encouraging and fun. On tonight’s ride I got an awesome shoutout from JJ (Jennifer Jacobs), not sure if I remember the exact words as I was too excited and sweaty, but went something like this, “You got it Realtor Reyna, 750th rides!” Squeal! Such an amazing feeling hearing my name after all the hard work!

My goal is to hit my 1000th ride in New York City at the main Peloton studio by February! That’s a lot of riding until then. But I have a team riding along with me with their eye on the same prize, so it’ll be a big celebration for us all if it happens! I’ve only been to NYC once when I was younger, so going back now with my husband and others to celebrate such a HUGE milestone ride will be a trip to remember. Crossing fingers. If anyone has a Peloton, then come follow me on my journey to 1000 rides. My leaderboard name is #RealtorReyna.


Now time for some self-care, i.e. foam rolling and wine - almost the perfect combination, in the most delicious way.


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