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Ah, the latest and greatest fad diet to date, the pasta diet! Correction, no fad about this though, fresh pasta has been made for centuries and centuries more to come, if we can help it!

Pasta has always been my FAVORITE food since I could remember. Raviolis especially. I have memories of being in the kitchen with my dad, he would bring home the most exotic looking raviolis. The colors, shapes, taste- oh boy, it was just as mesmerizing as it was delicious. My love for raviolis went as far my dad having to incorporate a ravioli dish in the menu last minute for my wedding - #bridezilla.

I love raviolis (and dessert) so much my dad made a dessert chocolate ravioli stuffed with sweetened mascarpone cheese topped with powdered sugar mimicking the parmesan cheese, YUMMY, and one of my best and coolest memories! Thankfully, my dad has graciously passed the pasta-making torch to my husband and now he can make raviolis for me anytime I want!

So it’s clear that my love for pasta and raviolis is borderline abnormal. Once my husband started to make pasta daily for the past year/two years nonstop, I had to do something about all this flour and eggs I’m consuming on the regular. Let’s be honest, even though it is Homemade Pasta it is still flour and eggs! So cue in my beloved Peloton bike, sighhhh (heart skips a beat). For those that have asked, and even questioned if we eat as much pasta as we say we do, it’s all true, we do but with the help of THE BIKE! I basically workout to not gain weight, ha!

Where do I begin to describe this incredible piece, masterpiece I should say, of workout equipment. (clearly I’m not obsessed!) just to give an overview of it, it’s a stationary bike with an HD monitor displaying and offering live and on-demand cycling classes from their main studio in New York. The instructors that coach the classes are unbelievably incredible. Talk about a major boost in confidence and self-esteem after taking a ride from one of them. The bike also caters to my competitive side as I can watch other riders’ metrics when riding and I can compete with them in live time as my metrics are displayed on my screen. My husband and I do like to compete once in a while. Being able to get such a good workout from the comfort of my home is what caught my attention the most. I needed to find a workout regime that worked with my schedule since I have two toddlers and couldn’t escape the house to go to a gym. But, the bike is the bonus, the community that follows and friendships gained from those that share the love of riding as I do is the icing on the cake. The Peloton community on social media is overwhelmingly big, which is why I’m apart of a smaller group, a tribe of special people who share the same desire for becoming a better and stronger version of themselves. We set challenges each month and help each other stay accountable in crushing those challenges. My main goal for this month is to hit my 750th ride by November 27th - I’m still far behind on rides but again, that’s why it’s a challenge right?

So, the #pastadiet for me is fueling myself with fresh homemade pasta with clean and wholesome ingredients, and using that energy for working out on my bike. It’s the perfect combination for me that works for me.

Here’s a few photos of my previous milestone rides


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