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My husband and I have been together since 2003, for those bad at math like me, that’s a whopping 15 years! We've officially been married for seven wonderful years. Anyways. To put this as an understatement, the “transition” in careers from my husband working at a car dealership to becoming an entrepreneur has been an enormous change in our life and lifestyle. To give a bit of background, my husband has worked at a car dealership since 2006. That was the year I graduated high school (ok, now I’m giving away too much info, ha). I distinctively remember him trying to find a way to make it to my high school graduation on a Saturday because in the car business, there are no days off, especially on a Saturday.

Let’s fast forward to twelve years later ... We are two kids deep, and second home in, and God has so graciously carved a path for us so CRYSTAL clear. It’s quite amazing how this all unfolded; the subtle messages we've received from above solidified our decision to begin a new path. The signs were so apparent it just wouldn't make sense to turn away, not without trying at least. Long story short, I, we, have never been more closer and in sync than we are in this very moment of new beginnings. This is where we are suppose to be. We are working not only as husband and wife, or mommy and daddy, but as partners. We are bringing value to not only our business that we are creating and building together, but value to one another. This has been such an humbling and mind-blowing experience to start and sustain a business with my husband. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to see if this is all real. So the elephant in room is that we have officially invested in ourselves and started a business in the name of Danjoy’s Homemade Pasta. We are so incredibly humbled by those that have entrusted in us and have taken our pasta classes without question. We look forward to the many opportunities to meet more incredible individuals, and seeing the amazing pasta you get to make. As it did with Giancarlo and I, making fresh pasta naturally brings friends, families, and communities together. Just like the good ol days.



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