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Totally 80's Gala


Who doesn’t love a theme party!

I opted for colorful leggings, black lace skirt, gold-studded sweater with pink sports bra and headband. I had to dig deep in my closet for my black sequin 6” high-heels. You know you’re a mom when you forget how to walk in heels. Picture a baby giraffe learning how to walk for the first time - that was me.

The event was amazing! There was a live band, casino area, and bidding. The venue was beautifully decorated with all things 80’s, and the food was delicious. Seeing our donation displayed on the table with the others was humbling. I’m so taken back by the people we are meeting in our pasta classes, and the opportunities and education we are gaining. You can click here if you’d like to learn more about the F.A.C.E.S. Foundation.

With all that fun, we had to call it an early night as we have our next Pasta 101 Class tomorrow! We’ll be celebrating a birthday and serving flatbread with lasagna, which I always make the hubby do a separate lasagna dish for me. It’s that GOOD!

Good evening...



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