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E-pos Tep-220mc Thermal Printer Drivers Download Latest




e-pos tep-220mc thermal printer drivers: e-pos - a free e-mail client with a web interface anyone uses e-pos? hi. i installed usb-creator but when i try to create a bootable usb with ubuntu i get only the.iso image and not the.iso bootable Abhijit will help u e-pos, no. i need to know how to make it bootable e-pos, this command? sudo dd if=/path/to/your/iso/image of=/path/to/usb-device i think u need some extra packages ok i will try it to make it bootable u can use if u want to make live cd i dont know how much u can customize live cd e-pos, hey e-pos, done that. e-pos, this is what i got can you paste the iso file i mean i see no error it says unknown filesystem is it ubuntu version or windows? windows its cause of no cd rom ya its cause of usb flash ok ok now go back to terminal



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