Kid's Pasta Summer Camp  

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Monday - Pasta 101 

Pasta 101 is essential when learning how to make pasta from scratch.  


Get ready for a full hands-on experience. We’ll be cracking and separating eggs, mixing the dough using the KitchenAid mixer, stretching the dough and cutting your pasta into noodles! The pasta you make you’ll take home for you to impress your family with in all of our classes! Empty out that freezer now, you'll have pasta for weeks after this camp! (Fresh pasta goes in the freezer)


Tuesday - Tortellini 

Time to take that fresh pasta dough to the next level. Here you’ll learn the techniques needed to make homemade Tortellinis! Each child will have the opportunity to make their own filling, the base will be ricotta cheese and they can each season to their liking. 


Wednesday - Color Pasta 

I bet you didn’t think pasta could get anymore fun- but it can! Here we’ll learn how to make colored pasta. Green pasta. Red pasta. Orange pasta. Of course we don’t use any artificial coloring- you’ll learn the top secrets on how to do this naturally! Get ready to mix the colors, making a tie-dye pasta or make just one color - the choice is yours! Rainbow spaghetti coming right up!

Thursday - Chocolate Ravioli 

Oh, this will be a treat! Dessert pasta, yes, that's right we will be showing how to make chocolate raviolis. We will infuse the dough with rich dark coco powder, honey and sugar. Each child will have their own ravioli filling to mix. They can choose from chocolate chips, cream cheese, honey, sugar, marshmallows - all the sweet stuff. 


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