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Thank you for thinking of hosting your celebrations at Danjoy’s Homemade Pasta. The time allotted for your celebrations is 1 to 2 hours depending on package. This time includes preparations and decorating any way you like, putting on aprons, washing hands, class time, eating (if applicable) and cake celebrations. 

As the space is limited, only the hosting parents for the birthday celebrations can be in the room. Everyone else inside the classroom will be assumed to be participating and charged as such. If parents want to stay but not participate in the pasta-making they can eat for $10/person.


Kids Pasta Shapes Party Packages: Minimum of 4 to book


Time allotted 1 to 2 hours (Includes eating time) 


You can bring and decorate anyway you want. This is a dining experience allowing you the opportunity to host a party, family gathering or fun outing in a private setting while being fed. Perfect for those looking to just eat and use the space to your liking. 


 ·     $40/person

You will roll garganelli pasta by hand with dough that is premade prior to class. Lunch is NOT included in this package. The pasta shapes you make you get to take home; each person will make enough to feed two people and roll anywhere from 50 to 100 depending on their rolling skills.

·     $55/person

Same details as the package above but lunch/dinner is included, which will take place after class. We will make the pasta for you to eat with either our famous red sauce or white sauce. You can also bring and decorate anyway you wish. Cake eating time included. We provide plates and silverware. Plenty of pasta and sauce for everyone to take home as well.

          We have options to add protein, salad and bread.


·     $75/person

Same details as above plus (Pasta Shapes and Cavatelli Pasta)

Each person will have their own station and ingredients to make Cavatelli pasta dough from scratch and cut the dough using the cavatelli machine to make the noodles. A delicious pasta meal is included. We will make the pasta from scratch for you to eat with a red or white sauce. The pasta you make you get to take home; each person will make enough to feed two people. (Crowd Favorite) 


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