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Kid's Pasta Workshop 


Tis' the Season to Learn How to Make Fresh PASTA!

Join us this holiday season for a one-day kid's workshop at Danjoy's Homemade Pasta.

*Following the 2019-2020 Katy ISD school schedule, we'll be offering pasta workshops for kids during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

For those that did not get to participate in our First Annual Kid's Pasta Summer Camp this past summer, you'll now have an opportunity to see what all the excitment was about!

For those that have completed our summer camps, this will be an opportunity for you to build onto those skills taking it to the next level!

We will add some extra holiday fun and explore new creations! Let's see how creative you can get while seeing if we can break some new "class records!"

Pasta 101

Where it all begins!

Learn how to become a pasta ninja by learning and doing all the steps in making fresh pasta. Be ready to get your hands dirty, we’ll be cracking and separating eggs, mixing the dough using the KitchenAid mixer, stretching the dough and cutting your pasta into noodles! The pasta you make you’ll take home for you to impress your family with in all of our classes!

Ravioli & More

Time to take that fresh pasta dough to the next level. Here you’ll learn the techniques needed to make homemade raviolis. We have different ravioli molds, shapes, and sizes as we stuff our pasta and make fun shapes!

Pasta Infusions

I bet you didn’t think pasta could get anymore fun- but it can! Here we’ll learn how to make colored pasta! What!?! Green pasta. Red pasta. Orange pasta. Of course we don’t use any artificial coloring- you’ll learn the top secrets on how to do this naturally.


If we told you all of our secrets on the first day then you wouldn’t want come back. We had to save the best for last, and this is laminated pasta! If you don’t know, you will soon! Pasta is an art, it’s letting your creativity run wild and free while using your imagination and hands. Be ready!


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein

Katy, TX





AGES 5 - 9

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AGES 10 and up

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