• Antimo Caputo "The Chef's Flour" is a very versatile flour for professional or home chef, with low gluten content and higher protein, this flour provides the perfect stretch and flavor for an authentic Neapolitan dough
  • Great for baking or making pizzas, bread and cake - a professionals flour packed for anyone looking to make smaller batches
  • Each 2.2lb bag - makes the ideal Naples-style, thin crust pizzas so the exterior of crust is crispy while the inside is soft
  • “00” flour is "extra fine" TIPO 00: from the center of the wheat (endosperm), that’s why 80% of Pizzerias in Naples use Caputo 00 Flour
  • Works really well in wood-fired brick ovens or outdoor grills and their hot temperatures

Antimo Caputo Flour"00" Chefs Flour (2.2 Pounds) Bags

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