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I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. I always look forward to this time of year, more so now that I have kids. It makes this time that much more special and FUN! Who else feels like it is still Thanksgiving break? Even though my kiddos are back in school, it feels like we’re all on holiday vacation still! I’m forcing myself to get back in a routine around here, and part of that starts with juicing for the week. In our classes we provide fresh juice, normally I do the green juice as it’s a staple in our day-to-day. I wanted to share the juicer I have as well as the fruits and veggies I use to make my green juice: Juicer: I’ve done a lot of research on juicers as it can be a hefty investment. I wanted to make sure the juicer will keep up with the usage without breaking down on me. After speaking to my dad and sister who both have a juicer, I had decided on the Breville brand. I had called Breville and asked questions and compared a few models. I choose the Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL. Some of the features that attracted me: the wider chute feed allowing to fit whole produce meaning less cutting and prep time. The speed and power 1200 watts. And the most impressive... the cold spin feature meaning the juicer uses special technology allowing the juice to transfer to your pitcher or cup without major changes in temperature ensuring all the nutrients stay intact.

Below is the recipe. I start with the greens first, to shop and juice - just makes it that much easier to remember. I should also add that my sister is the juicing queen, and she so graciously shared this recipe with me, so here I am sharing with you...

Recipe: (makes one batch, about 2 liters worth) 1 bunch of organic Kale 1 bunch of organic Spinach 3 Green apples 1 inch cut of Ginger 2 Lemons 2 Cucumbers 1 bunch of organic Celery

I have personally found that Sprouts Farmers Market is the most economical when it comes to buying produce, especially for juicing. Of course, you can tweak this to your liking, I added more green apples to the recipe so it can bet sweet enough for my kiddos to drink!

I use these handy 18 oz glass bottles from Amazon to store my juice, easy breezy.



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