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It has been a busy day, week, month, year! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’re going into week two of November, I mean?

Speaking of being halfway through November, this is the reason why I personally decide to put my Christmas tree and decorations out as soon as it’s publicly acceptable- not that it would matter if it wasn’t, but...

Every year I struggle with how, what and when to decorate for each holiday: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Who wouldn’t be confused when stores are busting out their latest Christmas goodies as early as August!? After years of trial and error, I think I have finally found what works for me, so, here it goes.

September: Happy Fall, y’all decor October: all things black and spooky November: Christmas December: Christmas

In my opinion, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why wouldn’t I want to celebrate it for longer? Also, it’s a pain in the behind to just put the trees up, much less decorating them, it practically takes me a week to decorate for Christmas, so if I start too late I’d only get to enjoy my fruits of the labor for a short amount of time- no thank you. Lastly, I would have major FOMO (fear of missing out) every time I step foot in the stores.

Once I’m on the Christmas train there’s not stopping. I even went to the extent of dressing my two babes in matching elf pajamas so they can be my little helpers!

We have two separate Christmas themes going on in our home since our front of the house is separated from the back. In the dining room and entry areas, I’m going with a rustic red and green farmhouse theme. In the living room, and my favorite, is a classic winter wonderland with silvers, white, gold, soft blue hues and lots of sparkle.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I have done thus far, my big tree still needs ornaments and my smaller tree needs new lights and ribbon. I let the kids put their ornaments on already, which means while they’re at school I’ll have to sneakily take them off to add the lights and ribbon just to put the ornaments back on again, whew!


You can find me sipping my wine and getting ready for our next class tomorrow! Flatbread 101 were coming for you!


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